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Kelvin Home and Office furniture has been a name to reckon in this industry for 35 long years and hence, have come out with some happy and noble clientele. We have a fine collection of Home and Office Furniture in Kolkata, with the help of the magnificent warehouse, to serve us what we need to deliver. Our warehouse includes the categories of furniture that we display in our website, and we promise to deliver on time. Our company is based in Kolkata and can be fully integrated with the manufacturing and importing furniture in the entire city or country. Our company is known for its superlative product range and fine quality, which will leave you in a no-compliant state. Furniture is an essential aspect of a home and hence should be bought with utmost precision. The products that are in the market with our tag, is to be believed to have international standards and having amazing customer service.

Our motto has been very simple, and it states, Being the best and bringing the best to you. So, you know when you tie your hands with us, you will get the best service in the industry. Being the best Home and Office Furniture Manufacturer in Kolkata is not an easy task, but still we have taken that challenge and have proved our worth by reigning the Kolkata industry of furniture for as long as 35 years. The designs that you would see in your website have been made keeping the blend of contemporary and traditional mixture of styles. Since, we are an old company in this genre, we have professionals who know the best materials and traditional framework of particular furniture and with the addition of modern conceptualized workmen we have brought some amazing design that will give you the best of purpose and comfortability and still will have the touch of conventionalism in it.

We are continuously striving to provide our clients and customers the best of home and office comfort and hence have laid a plethora of types of furniture below, from which you can choose the needful:

Residential Furniture in Kolkata:

Kelvin Furniture offers various range of best residential or home furniture collection like:

Commercial Furniture in Kolkata

We also provide wide range of commercial or office furniture with latest designs, color and types for various purposes. Our collection includes:

  • Revolving Chairs
  • Office table
  • Office table Z line Series
  • Conference Table
  • Work Station
  • Visitor Chair
  • Lobby Chair

Why You Choose Kelvin Home & Office Furniture in Kolkata

  1. Trusted manufacturer and supplier of furniture
  2. Extensive collection and types of home and office furniture
  3. Complete home furniture like bedroom, wardrobe and more
  4. Various office furniture collection like chairs, tables, work station, visiting chair and more.
  5. Unique and modern design
  6. More than 35 years of experience
  7. Assurance best quality and durability of products
  8. We also offer Customized furniture designs
  9. Best source for contemporary and fashionable furniture
  10. Professional and experienced staff
  11. Reasonable price

Kelvin Home & Office Furniture, hence can be a solution to all of your furniture issues, so call us anytime and any day, we would deliver your products avoiding the normal long lead times and hazards. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries, feedback and suggestion about our products.

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