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Kelvin Home & Office Furniture is a reputed name to trust on. If you calculate the time strain, then you will notice that maximum of the time of the day, you are busy in your office chair, either attending a meeting or discussing amongst your colleagues or directors. And, in between this schedule, if you could get the comfort of your home, then wouldn't it be nice? Yes, it should be. With the revolving chairs you could have a relaxing time at the office even when you are busy in your hectic schedule.

Here are the different office furniture products that we provide:

  • Revolving Chairs for an easy move from one desk to another.
  • Office table, a sturdy one that will uphold all the necessities of a table and let you work freely.
  • Office table Z line Series to make your office time a comfortable one. The z series will make you have a comfortable leg space while working and hence the hours spent at office won't be painful.
  • Conference Table is the most important furniture of the office, as you would have many clients attending your company, you need to make them visit the most explicitly designed space of your office, and hence you need a good conference table in this regard.
  • Work Station for the ease in your work. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have all the necessities in one table? Install a work station for this comfort.
  • Visitor Chair is the first way to impress the clients when they come to visit your office.
  • Lobby Chair is for that extra quotient of relaxation, after a tiring meeting.

Get away from the pain that is caused by the straight chairs when you sit for hours at the office, and enjoy a painless experience of 9 hours with the furniture range from Kelvin Home & Office Furniture. Give us a call today for an order!

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