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Kelvin Home & Office furniture has been a name to reckon in the furniture industry, since three decades, and hence can be trusted all through. We believe that an empty flat or area can be filled with meaningful and purposeful furniture to make it a home or an office. Hence, we have included the plethora of different types of furniture products that will give your empty space a revamp and make a comfortable home out of it. Have you ever imagined how would a dining space be called a dining space if there are no tables or preferred chairs? Wouldn't it be unnatural to see that? Hence, now you can guess the importance of the furniture in our lives. A bedroom wouldn't be called so if it doesn't have any beds? And, if you get a comfortable one, then who wouldn't want to pay some extra sums and get the best of the product?

Furniture carries memories. We change clothes, accessories, and even homes, but have you thought about this, that we hardly change our furniture? It is an interesting observation to note. Home furniture is something that is carried on by legacy and hence should be of extreme quality. The furniture gifted on your marriage should have the tenacity to remain the same till the end of your life. In between you will have your kids torturing them or many other situations, where the furniture has to prove its worth. Hence, you can in no way differ with the quality. And, when you think about the quality of furniture, the first name that should pop into your mind should be Kelvin Home & Office furniture.

Here is the list of home furniture products that we provide:

  • Bedrooms
  • Study table
  • Shoe Rack
  • Baby bedrooms
  • Wardrobe
  • Centre & Telephone Table
  • 4 seater Dining set
  • 6 seater Dining set
  • Lampshades
  • Beds

When you spend the maximum time of the day at your professional space, then it is important that you must get the same comfort, like your home. Office Furniture from Kelvin Home & Office furniture will do that for you. We ensure that our office furniture range consist of excellence if flexibility and the ultimate comfortability.

Here are the different office furniture products that we provide:

  • Revolving Chairs
  • Office table
  • Office table Z line Series
  • Conference Table
  • Work Station
  • Visitor Chair
  • Lobby Chair

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